You will be most fortunate to work with picture book author, Mrs Kerry Brown during this elective!

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Throughout the course of the semester, Kerry Brown will participate in our Literature elective. Prior to her visit we would like you to familiarise yourselves with her two published works which are featured on this page and read the interviews with her at [[ ]] and

Kerry will join us for three workshop sessions:

  • Workshop One: Kerry will share her own experiences with us about where she draws her inspiration, her ideas and writing to meet the needs of a target audience. She will also highlight the specific text features of a picture book for early years children and supporting illustrations.

  • Workshop Two: Kerry will discuss the publishing industry ( the process involved in getting a book published, press releases, book launchings and signings etc.)

  • Workshop Three: Kerry will join us for the sharing and assessment of your picture book.

Your picture book preparation and final presentation will be assessed according to the following criteria: