Welcome to the Literature Lovers elective!

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In this elective, you will be given opportunities to read, view, question, discuss, learn from professional writers, participate in online communities and create!

There are several strands to this course:

  • Literature Circles- in these sessions you will read the novels, Jarvis 24 and Stolen, and complete related activities.

  • Making a book trailer- you will use the autobiography, The Rugmaker of Mazar-E-Sharif, for your inspiration.

  • Keeping a Personal Writing Journal- you will be asked to organise sections for: Literature Circles, Making your Book Trailer, Working with Authors, Special Guests and Ideas that Inspire( images/ vocabulary/ poetic devices found in your reading)

  • Designing and writing a children's picture book- author, Kerry Brown, will share her knowledge of the picture book industry, what inspires her, the structure of a picture book and the importance of the illustrations.

  • Creating poetry with the assistance of bush poet, Marco Gliori

  • Working with author, Archie Fusillo and special guests,including Mr Patrick Wallas and Mr Andrew Boswell

  • Participating in the online community, Goodreads at http://www.goodreads.com/

  • Contributing to the Group Discussion on this wiki